Space in Two Acts

In the first act space is inhabited by a choreography of leftover images from projects the artist created over her thirty-year career. Yet the images are no longer visible, but uncompromisingly and hermetically sealed in a new object. The gesture can be understood as the artist’s settling accounts with her past – a “retrospective” of sorts, but one that is stripped of any view into the past and instead occupies the exhibition space as a new object that heralds the artist’s current interest. In the second act space, sound, light, and body are not merely external factors, but essential elements for understanding the artist ‘s thought. The environment created by these four “active ingredients” draws the spectator into a play of unexpected perspectives and questions the relationship that arises between the body and the space.

Petra Varl, author
Tevž Logar, curator
Matic Vrabič, architectural design
Pascal Mérat and Janez Grošelj, lighting design
Uroš Belantič and Tina Verbič, costume design
Sašo Kalan, sound design