Point. No Return.

The project combines the artist’s areas of interest, either through her professional aspirations or through the reflection of her intimate space and time. It represents the relationship between her public and private life, her past and present, and is drawn through an image that creates ambiguity, opens up space and transcends a linear reading of stories that always seem to impair our own reflection. It is a choreography of objects that symbolize the presence of light and the play of colours that takes place in relation to space. By definition, colour is a feeling, its perception is influenced by long-term and short-term phenomena, which that describes as a property of light sources perceived by the eye. It is a temporal experience between body and space, where there is no longer a wall that places boundaries between the work of art, space, and the viewer.

Sanja Nešković Peršin, concept and performance
Tevž Logar, curator
DUM Association, production
Luka Ažman, video and photos
Coats are from the performance Composition, by choreographer Sanja Nešković Peršin and costume designer Uroš Belantič, produced by the Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet in Ljubljana, 2018.