The collective project Hidden has a ballet core, but its starting point is those points where the world, ruled by a solid structure and all-encompassing rules, encounters human nature, limitations of body and mind and at the same time the force that always leads a ballet dancer. The performers return to the most banal situations that mark the daily lives of dancers, lead them to abstraction, distance themselves from them and re-adopt them, thus overcoming the oppressive rules when trying to embody the ballet world they otherwise control. After all, the performance not only addresses the ballet world, its rules and dynamics, but stepping out of ballet seeks something universally human and shows that the motivation for action or reaction is anchored deeper and ballet is just one of its manifestations.

Sanja Nešković Peršin, concept, direction, choreography
Polett Kasza, Mateja Železnik, Luka Bokšan, performers and co-creators
Davor Herceg, musician
Manuel Rodriguez, guest
Sašo Kalan, Davor Herceg, original music
Uroš Belantič, costume design
Ema Kobal, Mila Peršin, set design
Jaka Šimenc, lighting design
Barbara Čeferin, Iva Suhadolnik Gregorin, photos
Tone Stojko, video
Anton Podbevšek Theatre, Dance Theatre Ljubljana, co-production